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Making a big decision is never easy, especially when you’re aware it will affect your entire life. How should you know if it’s the right time for you to sell your property, the place where you most likely spent many years and is filled with memories? This is always a serious step and it’s best to have someone you can trust guiding you throughout the process. Our team of professionals is eager to support you during your journey – from the beginning to closing the deal. Here’s a short guide we’ve prepared to help you decide if you’re ready for the big step.  

Timing isn’t everything

Even if you think you’ve nailed the absolute best time to sell your home and you’ve done all you can repair-wise to maximize your chances, there’s one big mistake that could shoot all your efforts right in the foot: Pricing your home incorrectly when you first list it.

Some sellers don’t think this is the huge deal that it really (really!) is. Serious buyers sign up to property watch lists and get an alert as soon as a home is listed on the MLS. Most of the buyers who could buy your home are going to see its listing within the first 48 hours of that listing being “live.”

You get one big chance to make your home’s big debut in front of its buyers.